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GeoGuessr is a popular game that challenges players to guess where in the world they are based on clues and hints.

The game started out as an experiment for its creator, but it has since become one of the most downloaded games available through Steam.

However, GeoGuessr is not for everyone. For example, unless you have some travel experience or good knowledge of Geography, you may not fully enjoy it.

If you want to find other fun and free GeoGuessr alternatives, we have compiled a list of 14 great options.

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Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives

1. City Guesser

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City Guesser is a Google Earth-based GeoGuessr alternative that offers online gameplay.

You can play with people from around the world or from your city, and even create games for others to join in on.

It’s easy to use and lets you start playing immediately without any registration required.

City Guesser is perhaps one of the free choices that are like GeoGuessr, although it uses video instead of Google Map’s API.

Users can play a game of their choice by choosing a city, browsing videos for that area, and then trying to guess where they are.

You can also create your own game using the map feature on City Guesser.

This lets you mark out different points in the map which players must visit before guessing what country it is from.

CityGuessr offers a similar experience to GeoGuessr.

You are given a random location, which you have to try and guess where it is in the world by moving around on Google Street View using your mouse or arrow keys.

It’s very simple but can be quite challenging. You could even create games for other players to join in on.

You can play this game from all over the world or narrow your search down to some countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom.

2. playGeography

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If you enjoy playing GeoGuessr, you might want to check out playGeography.

It’s an online multiplayer game that lets users compete in geo-quiz challenges and treasure hunts against players from all over the world while exploring a random place on a map of their choice.

You can also take advantage of its integrated chat system to meet other people and discuss various geographical topics.

Playing this game is a great way to learn about the world and have fun at the same time, just like with GeoGuessr.

playGeography has five different game modes which include the nation, location, flags, capital, and state modes.

Each mode has different levels and the more you play and level up, the harder it gets.

playGeography also has more questions than GeoGuessr does and it is a great way to learn more about the world.

This will allow your brain to have fun while learning geography at the same time which makes this game very unique from GeoGuessr.

3. Geotastic

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Geotastic is a free, online game that uses Google Maps and real data to determine where you are.

It is a crowdfunded alternative to GeoGuessr, so it is completely free.

They have a record of where you are and how quickly you guessed correctly.

The community also gets to vote on the best players every week, which makes the game even more fun.

Geotastic has all sorts of other features that will keep you busy for hours.

Once the location is found your goal is simple: name it.

There’s no time limit or scoring system – simply use all of your geographical knowledge to guess as many locations as possible.

Geotastic isn’t just for geo-nerds either, as the game can test even those who don’t know their capitals from their coastlines.

You’ll need to use your powers of deduction as well as knowledge about place names and locations such as whether a town is in North or South America, or if it’s close to the water.

You’re going to want a good memory, too.

There are no points to earn or leaderboards to climb in GeoTastic. It’s all about the satisfaction of becoming a geo-master.

There are also no points to earn or levels to complete – just explore famous cities from around the globe at random until Google Maps tells you that it’s time for you to move on.

4. Get Lost

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Get Lost is a great tool for those who don’t have Google Earth installed on their system.

It is one of the closest things to GeoGuessr and it has been around since 2009.

You can either use your browser’s built-in location settings or enter an address manually in order to start exploring this virtual world from your computer screen.

Get Lost primarily focuses on the US and India and uses Google Maps as its source of geolocation data.

It utilizes randomized street maps, so you can expect to see a vast array of different locations and settings.

If you’re not sure where to go, just click on the arrow in the top right corner and it will show random cities map-wide.

The best thing about Get Lost is that it doesn’t limit you with a time or distance, so feel free to explore the world at your own pace.

This tool offers over 500 locations and every single one of them is based on real-life places. So if you want to play GeoGuessr without being afraid of getting to an unknown location, you’ve found your perfect alternative.

The only major downside to Get Lost is the lack of advanced tools.

You can’t save or share any guessed locations so it might be a good idea not to count completely on this tool if you are looking for something more complex.

Get Lost does not have a multiplayer mode like GeoGuessr, however, it still offers a fun and exciting way to discover locations with its single-player mode.

5. Seterra

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Seterra is a game that can be played on both your phone and computer.

It has nearly three million downloads, which makes it one of the most popular geo games in the world. This means you will never run out of people to play with online.

Seterra is very similar to GeoGuessr in terms of gameplay except there are different levels and challenges.

You can choose to play with strangers or just your friends and family members who also have the game on their phones/computers.

It is a great way to pass time when you’re bored or if you want some competition.

Seterra is made up of fun tests that will help you familiarize yourself with different countries, capitals, flags, and other related topics.

If you want to increase your knowledge about geography, then it is the perfect game for you.

It is completely free, but there are in-app purchases for additional levels and content.

The map tests are customizable, so you will be able to select pretty much any location that you might be interested in.

You can also share custom tests, as well as your scores on Facebook, and see how you rank against your friends.

6. Hide & Seek

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Hide & Seek World Geotaggers is another online, multiplayer game that lets players explore the world through geolocation.

The site pairs gamers up into random teams and gives them a location to find by guessing its location correctly or competing in other challenges like trivia questions about local history.

Players travel around their countries trying to find hidden caches of information about a specific location.

The site also has some features that GeoGuessr lacks, including the ability to see where other players have been and if they are playing from an airplane or car.

Players can create their own challenges for others as well as chatting with teammates using text messages within the game’s online platform.

The site also has a map of all players and their current location.

This game is based on the popular hide & seek game played by kids, but it has a twist.

Players are shown an image of their current location and given five minutes to find specific items within the photograph.

When playing this game, players are given a set of coordinates on the map where they must go to find objects.

This game requires players to be familiar with their current location and surroundings in order to identify specific landmarks or streets that may appear similar from one image to another.

Players can join different teams for this game as well as chat with each team by clicking on the speech bubble in each team box.

7. Zoomtastic

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Zoomtastic is a great alternative to GeoGuessr.

The best part about Zoomtastic is that it uses tiles from Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps, and Mapbox.

It is a browser-based game, which means it can run on virtually any computer with a working internet connection.

If you are not interested in games, Zoomtastic has an option where you can view satellite images of locations like Google Maps does.

The only difference is that the location labels will be turned off by default (which makes sense because otherwise, it would defeat the purpose).

Unlike with GeoGuessr, there aren’t many places added yet and the number of views for each location is also low which means you might not get a very accurate estimate.

This game is great if you have a fundamental knowledge of locations, but it is also easy to get the hang of.

Zoomtastic has only one game mode which I think is great and it isn’t mobile-friendly, but I think that is a large part of what makes this one unique.

8. GuessWhere Challenge

14 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives You Can Try - Mofluid.com (8)

The GuessWhere Challenge is a fun geocaching game that encourages you to explore your surroundings.

It’s similar to GeoGuessr in this way, but there are some key differences.

Let’s start with the basics of how it works: You get an image on your mobile device or computer screen and then have to guess where the image was taken.

You can see a list of all previous challenges and try to guess from those as well. There are no points awarded or deducted, it’s simply for fun.

When you first launch the game, it will ask you to take a photo of your current location. This is used as the default challenge image, and all future challenges will be based on this picture.

You can thus set up your starting point for any given game in advance – or just go wherever tickles your fancy.

Unlike GeoGuessr, you can also play challenges based on pictures that you’ve uploaded.

If there’s a location in the world or somewhere near where you live, and you have any decent photos of it, then why not upload them for others to guess?

Uploading new images is easy: just click ‘Add Image’ at the top right of the screen and choose one from your computer.

You’ll need to give it a title, along with some tags describing its content, plus an optional description of up to 500 characters if you want.

You can also play challenges based on pictures that other people have uploaded – so there are plenty of different ways to play.

9. Ducksters

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Ducksters is a great website for games, activities, and fun facts. There are many interactive geography games to play on Ducksters.

The game uses Google Street View images from all over the world that you have to guess where it is.

It has three rounds to guess as many locations as possible before time runs out.

On a desktop, you can choose the map area from country-level down to street view and set how long each round will last by using sliders on the right side of your screen.

When finished with an area it gets marked in red so you know you did not guess it.

There is also a tool that allows you to add the latitude and longitude coordinates of any place in the world for other players to use when playing Ducksters.

One area where Ducksters is clear of GeoGuessr is with its built-in map editor.

You can even set a point of interest that players have to guess for an extra challenge.

The site has a large collection of maps based on different themes and geographical areas from all over the world, which will keep you guessing for hours.

10. Lizard Point

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Lizard Point is another place-guessing game that will test your geographical knowledge and ability to read a map.

It’s very similar to GeoGuessr, where you’re given a location and placed on the map.

You’ll then need to figure out which country, state/region, the city it is located in, all without using Google Maps or searching for it.

It’s a pretty difficult game, especially if you’re not used to reading maps or identifying map features that will give away the location.

You have a choice of two playing modes. In the first mode, you’re given 60 seconds to look at and think about each location before you need to enter your guess.

You’ll only get points if you make the right guess – wrong guesses do not score anything.

The second mode (the one we recommend trying) is similar to the first mode with one crucial difference.

You’re required to enter your best guess before looking at the location, but unlike GeoGuessr you will get points for wrong guesses.

11. Fast Street View

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Fast Street View is a Google Maps alternative that gives you access to street-level imagery from around the world.

Just like GeoGuessr, Fast Street View uses this high-quality imagery to allow users to guess where it was taken using nothing but their brainpower and online resources.

The biggest difference between these two map games is that Fast Street View limits your gameplay to countries that it has street-level imagery for.

As of this writing, Fast Street View has images from around the globe (except Antarctica).

However, there are no street-level images available in Russia and China.

12. Instant Street View

14 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives You Can Try - Mofluid.com (12)

One feature we would love to find in GeoGuessr is an instant street view.

With this feature, you can take a 360-degree tour inside buildings or through streets near where you live (or anywhere else in the world).

You’ll find this helpful if your travel plans include taking public transportation to get from place to place.

Simply click Instant View beside any street address or location on Google Maps, and you’ll be instantly transported from your current perspective directly to the spot.

13. YouAreThere 360

14 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives You Can Try - Mofluid.com (13)

YouAreThere 360 is a full-screen, panoramic video player.

You can click and drag the mouse to move around the scene or use your arrow keys on your keyboard.

It works best with the Google Chrome browser but you should be able to view it using other browsers as well. The applet will need Java installed in order for this to work.

One area where YouAreThere 360 is different from GeoGuessr is that the camera view is fixed.

This can make it easier to concentrate on your environment rather than panning around trying to figure out where you are.

It’s also good if you don’t have a lot of time because there isn’t any loading or waiting for locations to appear, so this applet works well as a time-waster.

Another different aspect of YouAreThere 360 is that it has an audio component to the game.

The faster you guess your location correctly, the more points you get, and also additional sounds will play in order to help with clues.

This can be distracting if you’re playing this applet while at work because there are some loud sound effects.

14. MapStreetView

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MapStreetView allows you to explore the world through a 360-degree street view.

The interesting thing about this web app is that it also provides local information such as business hours and contact details.

It’s like GeoGuessr, but without those pesky car icons cluttering up your screen.

In addition, you can also search for locations and addresses before going on a virtual tour.

MapStreetView is available to everyone but features are limited when used from a mobile device.

Final Words

In summary, there are many GeoGuessr alternatives out there to enjoy.

What’s great about these games is that they are so much fun to play, but also help us learn something new or experience a different culture in the process.

I certainly hope you will try some of them out and have as much fun playing them as I did.

14 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives You Can Try - Mofluid.com (15)

Author: Scott MacarthurScott L. Macarthur is a marketing consultant and an online author. He is mostly engaged in providing his expertise to startups and SMBs. He is also an author on TheNextWeb.


Why is GeoGuessr no longer free? ›

Because Geoguessr uses Google services: Maps and Streetview. You may not know as you don't pay anything when browsing Google Maps but it's not free to use it when you load their data on an external website like Geoguessr. You have to pay fees ever time a map or a Streetview panorama is loaded.

Is there a game like GeoGuessr? ›


Is GeoGuessr owned by Google? ›

GeoGuessr is a browser-based geography game in which players guess locations from Google Street View imagery. The game features multiple game modes, including singleplayer and multiplayer competitions.
Publisher(s)GeoGuessr AB
Designer(s)Anton Wallén
Platform(s)Web browser Android iOS
ReleaseMay 2013
2 more rows

Can you get banned from GeoGuessr? ›

I was recently banned from GeoGuessr for "cheating"-- the reason provided was a cheat browser extension, and that the ban decision will not be revised.

Is Geotastic free? ›

Geotastic is a free to play geography quiz browser game that can be played alone or with friends! To create new local or multiplayer games you have to log in!

Is cheating allowed in GeoGuessr? ›

We will take any of the following actions if we have evidence of cheating: Leaderboard ban: Your account will be removed from official leaderboards on our singleplayer games and you will be prevented from appearing on leaderboards in the future.

Do you still have to pay for GeoGuessr? ›

You can play GeoGuessr by purchasing a subscription of GeoGuessr Pro or by using the free-of-charge, limited version GeoGuessr Free. Google Maps. We use Google Maps and Google Street View ('Google Maps') for displaying maps and surroundings in GeoGuessr.

How much does GeoGuessr cost per month? ›

Nowadays, GeoGuessr is a 30-person company based in Stockholm, supported by a subset of users who pay $2 a month to play as many games as they want a day. You can also play GeoGuessr free, but only for five minutes at a time.

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Aug 3, 2022

What is Spy in GeoGuessr? ›

Spy - This one is not really that effective, and if you select it you will see the guesses of the other players within the lock-period. The lock-period is a 10 second window where if someone guesses they will get an head-start so to speak by being the first ones to guess. So it trumps other guesses made just after it.

Is there a game like nerve? ›

And although the game within “Nerve” is fictitious, an app that was released this week sounds very similar (although it is not directly associated with the movie). Double Dog is a game that allows users to send and receive dares within the community on the app.

Does China have GeoGuessr? ›

Since Google Maps isn't in China, but the country has a greatly varied and interesting landscape, from megacities to countrysides, from deserts to jungles, and from mountains to prairies, it's a shame it's entirely excluded from GeoGuessr.

Is the GeoGuessr guy real? ›

Trevor Rainbolt (born November 7, 1998), known mononymously as Rainbolt, is an American player of GeoGuessr, an online game where players see a photo from Google Street View and guess what location in the world it is from.

Which game is banned in the world? ›

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Which app is banned on Google Play? ›

It has been revealed that Google banned as many as 26 Android apps that were stealing money from users.
App NameMinimum DownloadsMaximum Downloads
CutCut Pro1,00,0005,00,000
OFFRoaders – Survive1,00,0005,00,000
Phone Finder by Clapping1,00,0005,00,000
Bus Driving Simulator1,00,0005,00,000
22 more rows
Oct 4, 2022

Does GeoGuessr steal your information? ›

We do not sell any personal data to partners or any other third parties. Independent service providers. For log-in, providing maps and surroundings in GeoGuessr, payments, customer support and product purchases, we rely on the following independent third party service providers.

Is geostatic free? ›

We are proud to present Geostatic as the new addition of the free download series.

Is Songlio free? ›

The ultimate online music guessing game. Play now for free!

Is QuizzLand app free? ›

QuizzLand is a free educational game with minimal ads that offers you more than 40,000 of finest trivia questions supported by detailed explanations. The app's unique feature is an opportunity to play solo, so you don't need to wait for other players to reply.

What to do if you get caught cheating on a quiz? ›

From my experience, the best thing you can do is the following:
  1. Admit everything.
  2. Apologize. Make it clear that you understand how and why cheating is wrong.
  3. Do not under any circumstances give excuses for your cheating or blame others for it - as you do in this question.
Oct 25, 2014

What is the highest score you can get on GeoGuessr? ›

Based on this, you will receive a score out of a maximum of 5,000 points. From this, you move on to your next round, and try to get even closer.

How do you always win GeoGuessr? ›

GeoGuessr Tips and Tricks
  1. #1. Eliminating countries that don't have Street View coverage.
  2. #2. Have an idea of Left or Right-Hand driving lanes for certain countries.
  3. #3. Use your Compass.
  4. #4. Looking for Language/Scripts on Road Signs.
  5. #5. International Symbols on Road Signs.
Oct 27, 2022

How much does GeoGuessr cost per year? ›

Geoguessr offers both free and Pro plans. The free plan is very limited and players can only play games for 5 minutes every 15 minutes. The Pro plan is divided into Individual Pro plan and Groups Pro plans. With the Individual Pro plans you pay 2.99/month (billed monthly) or $1.99/month (billed yearly).

Is GeoGuessr a dollar? ›

The prices are in USD (US Dollar), visible on https://www.geoguessr.com/pro.

Why is GeoGuessr free a black screen? ›

There could be several reasons for you getting a Black Screen when playing. - Try Clearing cache and cookies in your browser. You can also try the following in Chrome: Was this article helpful?

Is GeoGuessr Pro safe? ›

Yes its safe. We work with Stripe one of the biggest payment providers, so unless someone has given out their credit card information it is very unlikely to be stolen. We do also offer the subscription through the Mobile App as well (it can be used both on the site and the app).

How many people are on GeoGuessr? ›

Find clues and guess where you are in the world. Join 50 million other players worldwide. GeoGuessr is the most fun game out there!

Who is the famous GeoGuessr player? ›

Tom Davies has become a beloved icon of the Google Maps guessing game.

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Aug 28, 2022

What is mock spy? ›

A mock in mockito is a normal mock in other mocking frameworks (allows you to stub invocations; that is, return specific values out of method calls). A spy in mockito is a partial mock in other mocking frameworks (part of the object will be mocked and part will use real method invocations).

Why is I spy a good game? ›

'I spy' is a turn-taking game, so it helps to develop your child's social skills. When your child waits for their turn, they're learning how to play and cooperate with others. 'I spy' is also great for building your child's vocabulary and understanding of language.

What age is Nerve for? ›

Nerve received an M rating for 'mature themes', which is justified. It also has scenes of violence and substance use that might concern you. We therefore don't recommend it for viewers under 15 years.

Which game make your brain sharp? ›

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What is the hardest game in existence? ›

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Is Google map Ban in China? ›

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What app does China use most? ›

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Who is the Google Earth guy? ›

Trevor Rainbolt has a special talent for being able to look at any image on Google Maps and pinpoint where it was taken with astonishing speed and accuracy.

What website drops you in a random place? ›

Geoguessr. For those of you who aren't familiar, Geoguessr is an online game launched in 2013 in which players are dropped into a random place on Google street view anywhere in the world and must ascertain their location.

Who is the GeoGuessr guy from TikTok? ›

Trevor Rainbolt is a Google Maps expert with 1.5 million followers on TikTok. He's gone viral using his skills to help people pinpoint obscure locations with sentimental value.

How old is Tom Davies GeoWizard? ›

Does GeoWizard have Instagram? ›

Tom Davies (@geowizardofficial) • Instagram photos and videos.

Is City Guesser free? ›

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might like City Guesser (opens in new tab). It's a browser game that's a lot like GeoGuessr, but it uses video and it's free.

What is cheating on GeoGuessr? ›

What we consider cheating includes but isn't limited to: using third-party software or scripts in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players. using Google or other external sources of information as assistance during play.

How do I bypass the time limit on GeoGuessr? ›

If you want to play without a timer you need to select a map and click the play button. There is one free game daily on the map of your choice + the daily challenge that always has 3 minutes per round.

Can u play GeoGuessr offline? ›

We do not have that feature as of now - I will let the team know about this feedback but can't make any promises!

What is the closest game to free city? ›

Sunset City, the setting for Sunset Overdrive, is essentially a dystopian version of Free City. The fast-paced gameplay is supported by a lack of cover-taking mechanics, pushing the player to use momentum to embrace the generally frenetic and chaotic pace of the game.

Is knockdown city free? ›

Knockout City™ Deluxe Edition

Knockout City is now Free-to-Play, inviting brawlers everywhere to experience the frantic, non-stop action of dodgebrawl.

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