Best Geoguessr Alternatives To Play In 2023 Free Included (2023)

10 Best GeoGuessr Alternatives To Play in 2023

If you are looking for one of the GeoGuessr alternatives that are free to play, then check out these games. They offer a similar experience and will keep you entertained through the time you are playing games like Geoguessr.

1- City Guesser – One Of The Best Free Geoguessr Alternatives

Here is a significant, free alternative to GeoGuessr on our list. The creator was influenced by GeoGuessr, and he created the game in 2023, just after GeoGuessr became a paid service. However, it is significantly simpler than GeoGuessr. It is a web geography game that has been released and is available to all users. Despite its youth, City Guesser has already been published on prominent websites such as PCGamer, Product Hunt, and The Burn-In.To play, simply choose a location, adjust the level of difficulty, and begin guessing. You can choose from worldwide, the United States, Europe, and Asia. Notably, City Guesser allows you to play trivia about monuments. You have the opportunity to tour monuments from various corners of the world. Four game types are available in City Guesser, including streaks, multiplayer, walking tour, and driving tour. The multiplayer mode is the most notable mode in this game.In order to play GeoGuessr with your friends, you must play during breaks. Through City Guesser’s game rooms, you and your mates can compete against one another. City Guesser offers several prizes to help users determine their locations. Included in this category are plate numbers, languages, flags, company names, and street signs.The use of City Guesser is free. As there are no advertisements on the site, you may enjoy a top-notch gaming experience even though the platform is now free. Optionally, you can financially assist the developer by contributing to server costs.

2- PlayGeography

Play Geography contains some intriguing maps of geography. The platform is the property of TeachMe. Interestingly, TeachMe is a platform that offers millions of people instructional games and apps. In addition to PlayGeography, TeachMe also offers MathGames, TypeRacer, and EdShelf. In fact, PlayGeography offers 92 maps and almost 12,000 questions.The game modes of PlayGeography include country geolocation, flags, capitals, and provinces. Each level includes more than 10 games, the majority of which have up to 30 questions. Different difficulty modes can be set for each game mode. In addition, each game is timed, and the quicker you answer the question, the more points you receive.Consequently, GeoGuessr is considerably more convenient than PlayGeography. Despite this, PlayGeography’s website is responsive across all device types. Additionally, users need not install or download anything.The PlayGeography platform is available at no cost at all. All game modes are free to play but are only accessible online through the GeoGuessr type of site.

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3- Geotastic

Geotastic is a geography game that’s been crowdfunded. You evaluate your environment to determine where you are in the game. It is a versatile game in which you can navigate your surroundings with a street view or use the maps to guess. Moreover, participants receive free guesses that serve as suggestions. It is more like a location guesser.Geotastic is yet another option to GeoGuessr that enables multiple players. For single-player games, users can either establish a local game or an online lobby game. Only the creator has to have an account for multiplayer. Geotastic has a challenge option in addition to single-player and multiplayer gaming types. This is comparable to the daily challenge mode available in GeoGuessr. GeoGuessr, on average, has more game losses and locations than Geotastic.You have minimal customizing options as a Geotastic user. Ideally, Geostatic, like GeoGuessr, allows you to generate your own maps. If you want to add a map that isn’t already included, you must contact the developer. The same is true for additional enhancements.In return, you are expected to contribute. When donations stop flowing in, the platform will crash. The developer is paying server fees using donations rather than their own money.

4- Hide & Seek World

Hide & Seek World is yet another geo game inspired by GeoGuessr. Hide & Seek World, on the other hand, is markedly different from GeoGuessr in that it is a strictly multiplayer platform. There are two game modes: Classic Match, in which you hide and find your pals, and Find Wolly, in which you and your friends try to find the mascot.The globe multiplayer game modes Hide & Seek are intriguing. You hide anywhere, in any area of your choosing, while other players try to figure out where you are. As a result, there is one hider and several seekers. Each seeker receives points based on how near their prediction is. The seeker with the most points at the end of a game session wins.To join a random multiplayer game, you do not need to sign up. Only if you are playing with pals do you need to sign up. There are live scoreboards for players with the highest scores and the most wins on the Hide & Seek World website. Up to 200 participants are shown, indicating that Hide & Seek World is popular.However, it is not free and you’ll need to pay for it.

Pro Plan: $2 per month Premium Plan: $4 per month

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5- GetLost

GetLost is another GeoGuessr-inspired option. It’s a street view app that displays random locations for users to locate using street view maps. This alternative does not have as many game modes as GeoGuessr. However, its gameplay is distinct. Users can guess the location on their screen by clicking any spot on the featured map or by analyzing the street-side photographs.GetLost has locations all around the world, however, the majority are in Northern America and in India. The number of points you earn for each correct estimate is determined by its proximity to the actual place. The fewer miles you travel, the more points you get.For example, for a journey of fewer than five miles, you can receive up to 20,000 points and just 50 points for a distance of more than 500 miles. GetLost allows you to play one gaming session every day, consisting of a maximum of five rounds, completely free of charge.However, the premium version will cost:

Pro Month Plan: $3 per month Pro Annual Plan: $24 per month

6- Ducksters

Another great GeoGuessr alternative on our ranking is Ducksters. You can learn about more than just geography on the platform, history, biographies, science, and more. You can learn about countries and more in the Geography section. On the platform, you can play different map-based games. In fact, Ducksters is a better way to learn about US geography and US states than GeoGuessr. In the same way, this platform is used on every continent.You can take a test to recognize various geographical elements, such as terrain, oceans, lakes, deserts, glaciers, islands, ecosystems, and so on. Other maps include the political map of the United States and the Antarctic map. The game modes of GeoGuessr and Ducksters are distinct. You may play geography crossword puzzles, geography word searches, guess the country, and geography hangman with Ducksters. Similar to the majority of GeoGuessr alternatives mentioned, Ducksters awards points based on the accuracy of a player’s predictions.You are permitted three guesses in each round. Each incorrect guess results in a deduction, and after three guesses, the right location is revealed. The Ducksters website is not mobile-friendly and can only be accessed over the web. If you wish to play Ducksters geography games, you will need a desktop or laptop since it is more like a location guessing game.

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7- Zoomtastic

Zoomtastic is a simple alternative to GeoGuessr that is also incredibly instructive. There is no requirement for registration or account creation. Notably, the gameplay of Zoomtastic is distinctive and requires speed.You are shown with an image of a random place and have 30 seconds to determine its name. As the timer counts down, the map steadily zooms out, giving you more cues to accurately guess the country. In the final 20 seconds, you will be provided with four potential responses and asked to select the correct one.You may play without time constraints. When you achieve high scores, you become one of the best players and will be included in the website’s list of the top 100 players.Zoomtastic has only one game mode, as opposed to GeoGuessr’s approximately four game options. The inability to play the game on mobile devices is a significant drawback of Zoomtastic. Thus, Zoomtastic is optimally played on a desktop or laptop computer.

8- World Geography Games

This platform was created for children and people who wish to test and enhance their geographic knowledge. It contains a variety of engaging map activities that go beyond simple location guessing. You can take a geographical quiz regarding countries, flags, capitals, regions, mountains, deserts, etc.World Geography Games, like GeoGuessr, include maps of 193 countries (UN member states). However, certain Asian, Caribbean, and South American nations are included. World Geography Games does not require the creation of an account.World Geography Games offers a wider variety of games than GeoGuessr. Almost any geographical factor can be the subject of geographical trivia. In addition to those already stated, you can take a test on volcanoes, islands, the atmosphere, etc.Each game round is worth a maximum of 25 points. The number of attempts required before obtaining the proper response will decide the number of points earned in a given round. World Geography Games, like GeoGuessr, can be translated into seven other languages. This contains the English, French, German, Turkish, Polish, and Dutch languages.Since creating an account is not required to play games on the World Geography Games website, neither is payment.

9- Lizard Point

This is an online quiz platform for geography as well as other areas such as art, math, and so on. It gets its name from a spot on the Lizard peninsula in the United Kingdom. Lizard Point was created to promote entertaining education, and unlike GeoGuessr, it is completely free to use. The website only contains advertisements, and users can give to help with its upkeep.On Lizard Point, you can choose from a variety of quiz modes. The country of Europe Quiz, which allows you to identify European countries on a map, is the most popular. Lizard Point allows you to make personalized quizzes in the same way that GeoGuessr allows you to create maps. It’s simple: just ask questions about areas that interest you.Lizard Point is a better option for teaching pupils than GeoGuessr if you’re a teacher. You may put up engaging geography classes and quizzes by creating a teacher account. As a result, you can use the Personalized Quiz Tracker to track each student’s performance. When you share these lessons and quizzes with students, they do not need to create an account.Lizard Point, in particular, has a Study Mode. The Study Mode has a variety of materials about countries and states. In this mode, you can use the materials to study countries and states before taking a quiz. There are various test options for practice and strictness.The only disadvantage of Lizard Point over GeoGuessr is that the website is not mobile-responsive and is only available on the web.


10- Seterra

The Seterra app makes learning geography enjoyable. It contains quizzes on the continents and nations of the world. This platform provides information about country capitals, cities, rivers, and lakes, among others. In addition to quizzes, Seterra offers various pdf maps of countries and towns for printing.Seterra provides access to more game modes than GeoGuessr. There are five game types available on GeoGuessr: explorer mode, country streak, pro leagues, daily challenge, and battle royale. In the meanwhile, Seterra offers nine game modes, including showing all, learn, multiple, choice, pin, pin difficult, type, type easily, and type with auto-complete. During gameplay, you can effortlessly move from one game mode to another.In contrast to GeoGuessr’s map creator, Seterra requires you to modify an existing map quiz in order to create a custom quiz. Seterra can be translated into 39 languages, whereas GeoGuessr can only be translated into 10. Seterra is accessible for free online. However, just printouts and quizzes are accessible. Install the Seterra smartphone application for your iOS or Android smartphone to enjoy its gameplay.Its price is:

For Android: $1.99 (One-Time Payment) For iOS: $1.99 (One-Type Payment)

Final Wrap:

GeoGuessr is a fun game to play, but it can get old very soon. Look no further than these 10 games if you want a similar experience that will keep you occupied for hours on end. These games range from puzzle-solving adventures to intense multiplayer battles, so there is something for everyone. So put down your phone and tablet and try out one of these addicting best GeoGuessr alternatives to play in 2023.Read More: HighlyAnticipated Games To Play in 2023

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What is the free alternative to GeoGuessr? ›

Best Free Alternatives to GeoGuessr You Can Play in 2022
  • City Guesser: Best Free GeoGuessr Alternative.
  • PlayGeography.
  • Geotastic.
  • GetLost.
  • Seterra.
  • Hide & Seek World.
  • World Geography Games.
  • Zoomtastic.
Jan 5, 2022

Why is GeoGuessr no longer free? ›

Because Geoguessr uses Google services: Maps and Streetview. You may not know as you don't pay anything when browsing Google Maps but it's not free to use it when you load their data on an external website like Geoguessr. You have to pay fees ever time a map or a Streetview panorama is loaded.

Is there a game like GeoGuessr? ›


Do you still have to pay for GeoGuessr? ›

You can play GeoGuessr by purchasing a subscription of GeoGuessr Pro or by using the free-of-charge, limited version GeoGuessr Free. Google Maps. We use Google Maps and Google Street View ('Google Maps') for displaying maps and surroundings in GeoGuessr.

Is Geotastic free? ›

Geotastic is a free to play geography quiz browser game that can be played alone or with friends! To create new local or multiplayer games you have to log in!

Can you get banned from GeoGuessr? ›

If you have multiple accounts, we may take action against all of your accounts. If you have been suspended or banned: You will see a message in your GeoGuessr account if you have received a competitive ban or suspension.

Can you play GeoGuessr without account? ›

Creating challenges, leagues and Battle Royale lobbies require a pro subscription. Joining challenges, leagues and lobbies only require a free account. There is no limit about how many players can join a challenge or a league and no limit about how many challenges or leagues a free player can join.

How much does GeoGuessr cost per month? ›

Nowadays, GeoGuessr is a 30-person company based in Stockholm, supported by a subset of users who pay $2 a month to play as many games as they want a day. You can also play GeoGuessr free, but only for five minutes at a time.

Is GeoGuessr owned by Google? ›

GeoGuessr is a browser-based geography game in which players guess locations from Google Street View imagery. The game features multiple game modes, including singleplayer and multiplayer competitions.
Publisher(s)GeoGuessr AB
Designer(s)Anton Wallén
Platform(s)Web browser Android iOS
ReleaseMay 2013
2 more rows

What is the most realistic looking game in the world? ›

So, here are the most realistic games to ever be released:
  1. Ghost of Tsushima. IGN. ...
  2. Red Dead Redemption II. Rockstar Games. ...
  3. Call of Duty Mobile. Call of Duty: Mobile. ...
  4. GTA V. ...
  5. Death Stranding. ...
  6. Control. ...
  7. Cyberpunk 2077. ...
  8. The Last of Us: Part Two.
Aug 3, 2022

What's that game called where you draw and guess online? ›

Pictionary is a classic party game that requires someone to draw a picture while their teammates try and guess what they're drawing.

What app has the guessing game? ›

Heads Up! is just that, a fun twist on charades! Just guess the word that's on your head as your friends shout clues your way during 60 seconds of guessing glory!

How much does GeoGuessr cost per year? ›

Geoguessr offers both free and Pro plans. The free plan is very limited and players can only play games for 5 minutes every 15 minutes. The Pro plan is divided into Individual Pro plan and Groups Pro plans. With the Individual Pro plans you pay 2.99/month (billed monthly) or $1.99/month (billed yearly).

What can you do with a free GeoGuessr account? ›

GeoGuessr Free
  • Limited 2D panorama view.
  • One map.
  • Play as much as you want.

Why is GeoGuessr free a black screen? ›

There could be several reasons for you getting a Black Screen when playing. - Try Clearing cache and cookies in your browser. You can also try the following in Chrome: Was this article helpful?

Is geostatic free? ›

We are proud to present Geostatic as the new addition of the free download series.

Is Songlio free? ›

The ultimate online music guessing game. Play now for free!

Is QuizzLand app free? ›

QuizzLand is a free educational game with minimal ads that offers you more than 40,000 of finest trivia questions supported by detailed explanations. The app's unique feature is an opportunity to play solo, so you don't need to wait for other players to reply.

Is there a hack for GeoGuessr? ›

Geoguessr Hack Extension. This helpful tool allows you to open locations in Google Maps and/or submit correct locations in games. This extension will allow you to keep improving your geography skills, despite coming across certain Geoguessr locations with low image quality, blurred-out buildings, or lack of signage.

Which game is banned in the world? ›

ARMA 3 is banned due to the game's portrayal of a fictional faction, which includes Iran and is an enemy of NATO. Battlefield 3 is banned because it presented a fictional U.S. invasion on Iran. Even before the ban, many retail stores were removing copies of the game from their shelves.

Does GeoGuessr steal your information? ›

We do not sell any personal data to partners or any other third parties. Independent service providers. For log-in, providing maps and surroundings in GeoGuessr, payments, customer support and product purchases, we rely on the following independent third party service providers.

How do I get unlimited time on GeoGuessr? ›

If you want to play without a timer you need to select a map and click the play button. There is one free game daily on the map of your choice + the daily challenge that always has 3 minutes per round.

Can you play GeoGuessr multiplayer for free? ›

You need a pro subscription to create the challenges then other players can join with a free account. To make a challenge just go on the map of your choice, click play and then you'll find the challenge mode where you can configure the game.

How do you get GeoGuessr every time? ›

GeoGuessr Tips and Tricks
  1. #1. Eliminating countries that don't have Street View coverage.
  2. #2. Have an idea of Left or Right-Hand driving lanes for certain countries.
  3. #3. Use your Compass.
  4. #4. Looking for Language/Scripts on Road Signs.
  5. #5. International Symbols on Road Signs.
Oct 27, 2022

Who is the best GeoGuessr? ›

One performance stood out: a record-setting run by a thirty-one-year-old Englishman named Tom Davies, better known as GeoWizard, who would become the one of Internet's most famous GeoGuessr players.

Is the GeoGuessr guy real? ›

Trevor Rainbolt (born November 7, 1998), known mononymously as Rainbolt, is an American player of GeoGuessr, an online game where players see a photo from Google Street View and guess what location in the world it is from.

What is the random location game on Google Earth? ›

Geoguessr. For those of you who aren't familiar, Geoguessr is an online game launched in 2013 in which players are dropped into a random place on Google street view anywhere in the world and must ascertain their location. The closer you are, the more points you earn.

Which country is bigger quiz GeoGuessr? ›

Russia is by far the largest country in the world in terms of area.

What game has the most advanced AI? ›

These are some of the best artificial intelligence games:
  • F.E.A.R.
  • The Last of Us.
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
  • Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • Minecraft.
  • Rocket League.
  • Stockfish.
Aug 28, 2022

How is No 1 game in the world? ›

Top Games on PC in November 2022

In November 2022, the top PC games in the world by monthly active users were Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II/Warzone 2.0, Overwatch, and Minecraft.

What is the best drawing game for free? ›

Top 20 Best Drawing Games for Android and iOS
  • Kids Doodle – Color Draw – Pro : ...
  • SketchBook Express : ...
  • Learn to draw Lego Superheroes : ...
  • Draw Something : ...
  • How to draw Human Faces : ...
  • AutoDesk SketchBook : ...
  • Draw N Guess Multiplayer : ...
  • One Touch Drawing :
Jun 28, 2018

What is Toothpick game? ›

A pop bottle is set on the table. Each player is given 20 toothpicks. Each player takes turns putting a toothpick on the bottle. If you knock any off, you must take all the toothpicks you knocked off and miss a turn. The first player to run out of toothpicks wins.

Is draw it a free game? ›

You can play Draw It for free, but removing ads costs money, as does the monthly VIP Membership, which entitles you to additional word packs and free coins.

What is the number one game app? ›

Here are the top 30 mobile games on iOS by revenue. Only 8 of them are on both this list of top earners as well as the top downloads list: Gardenscapes.
iOS: top 30 games of 2023 so far by revenue.
1Genshin Impact
2Candy Crush Saga
3Royal Match
26 more rows
Feb 2, 2023

Is QuizUp still an app? ›

On 20 January 2021, QuizUp was removed from the App Store, and on 21 January 2021, it was announced on the QuizUp app that the game is being discontinued on 22 March 2021.
Publisher(s)Plain Vanilla Games (2013–2016) Glu Mobile (2016–2021)
Platform(s)iOS Android Windows Phone
4 more rows

Is GeoGuessr Pro safe? ›

Yes its safe. We work with Stripe one of the biggest payment providers, so unless someone has given out their credit card information it is very unlikely to be stolen. We do also offer the subscription through the Mobile App as well (it can be used both on the site and the app).

What is spy on GeoGuessr? ›

Spy - This one is not really that effective, and if you select it you will see the guesses of the other players within the lock-period. The lock-period is a 10 second window where if someone guesses they will get an head-start so to speak by being the first ones to guess. So it trumps other guesses made just after it.

Can you play GeoGuessr on Nintendo switch? ›

No, that is not possible at the moment.

Is City Guesser free? ›

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might like City Guesser (opens in new tab). It's a browser game that's a lot like GeoGuessr, but it uses video and it's free.

Is GeoGuessr Royale free? ›

GeoGuessr has both free and paid (subscription) memberships. The free mode restricts users to 5 minutes' game play every 15 minutes. Paid memberships are US$1.99 per month, and allow users to create customized maps.

How do you get unlimited time on GeoGuessr? ›

If you want to play without a timer you need to select a map and click the play button. There is one free game daily on the map of your choice + the daily challenge that always has 3 minutes per round.

What is the closest game to free city? ›

Sunset City, the setting for Sunset Overdrive, is essentially a dystopian version of Free City. The fast-paced gameplay is supported by a lack of cover-taking mechanics, pushing the player to use momentum to embrace the generally frenetic and chaotic pace of the game.

Can u play GeoGuessr offline? ›

We do not have that feature as of now - I will let the team know about this feedback but can't make any promises!

How do you get free multiplayer games? ›

Let's take you through some of the best free online multiplayer games to try.
  1. Gartic Phone.
  2. League of Legends.
  3. Among Us.
  4. Brawl Stars.
  5. Fortnite.
  6. Board Game Arena.
Aug 30, 2022

How many people can play GeoGuessr at once? ›

We have a maximum capacity of 1000 players at the moment. Was this article helpful?


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