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All human interaction really boils down to exchange of information. This is what communication ultimately is. Sure, there are ways to communicate non-verbally, but the easiest and certainly most convenient way to get information is by talking.

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    To get the right information, or the information you need, requires you to ask the right questions. Doing so will allow you to build rapport as well as learn more about the person you are talking to. The art of conversation may be daunting, but here are a few questions you might want to ask the next time you want to learn more about a person. Who knows, you just might forge a deeper relationship based on understanding and intellectual stimulation because of this.

    List of Questions to Ask People

    11 Best Conversation Topics

    1. Where Do You Like to Go When You Eat Out?

    Everyone likes to eat out. This is a fun way to get a feel for a person’s tastes. You can even use what you learn as an “in” to invite the person to their favorite place the next time around.

    1. Do You Like to Cook?

    Cooking is a skill that most people are proud of and would likely talk in length about. You might even learn a thing or two.

    1. Could You Live Without the Internet?

    Every aspect of life is somehow connected to the internet. It would be fun to know their thoughts about not having it.

    1. Most Memorable Birthday?

    Birthdays are almost always special and throughout the years there is bound to be 1 or 2 birthdays that are more memorable than the rest.

    1. What Would Your Perfect Day Be Like?

    This is pure imagination fuel. Watch their eyes light up as they “live” their best day.

    1. When Are You Happiest?

    This one goes down to the very core of living. It’s just going to be positive vibes all around.

    1. What’s on Your Bucket List?

    People always have something they want to do or someplace they want to go. Give them a chance to share their dreams with you.

    1. Do You Have Any Trips Coming Up?

    The world is a vast place. It’s interesting to know a person’s future travel plans. It evokes a sense of excitement.

    1. What’s Something You Could Teach Me About?

    Everyone has something they can do better than most. Give them a chance to show off while showing them that you respect their expertise.

    1. What Is Your Favorite Hobby?

    A hobby may tell you more about a person than their job. It’s always fun to talk about something that you want to do.

    1. Do You Have/Have You Ever Had Any Pets?

    Taking care of animals seems to be inherent in people, especially the young. So, ask them about their pets. This usually evokes feelings and memories of love and sometimes even loss.

    14 Best Conversation Starters

    A conversation is simply a back and forth exchange of information between people. Many think that starting a conversation is hard, but actually, it’s a pretty straight forward. You only need to know what questions to ask and things will naturally start flowing from there. To make your conversations more logical and engaging, you need to build upon your conversation partner’s answers or go into related interesting tangents. Try some of these good conversation starters, they’re simple questions to ask.

    1. What’s the Best Comedy Movie You’ve Ever Seen?

    If you just happen to like the same comedy, then you can playfully re-enact iconic scenes while sharing a laugh.

    1. What’s Your Favorite Song and Why This Particular One?

    Music directly affects the soul. Talking about a favorite song is an intimate conversation starter.

    1. What’s Been the Best Concert You’ve Attended?

    Concerts from great bands and artists are memorable. Attending them can be exciting and fun. Ask them about their experience.

    1. Do You Drink Coffee or Tea?

    Coffee and tea are no longer just start of the day picker-uppers; they’ve become a lifestyle or even artisanal. Share your views on both.

    1. If You Were Stranded on a Deserted Island and You Could Have Only 1 Item, What Would It Be?

    This is an oldie but definitely a goodie.

    1. Do You Believe in Luck?

    This is somewhat a polarizing question since many swear that they’re subject to luck and circumstance while the other half vehemently claim that they make their own. It would make a good question of the day.

    1. Do You Prefer Cats or Dogs?

    Yet another question that polarizes opinions, but either way, both are cute and furry.

    1. What Is the Best Thing that Happened to You During the Past Week?

    This shows your conversation partner that you are interested in their lives.

    1. What Are Some of Your Long-Term Goals?

    This gives a person the chance to think about their dreams in life. Eyes never fail to bright up when this question is asked.

    1. What Did You Have for Dinner Last Night?

    It’s the kind of question that close friends and family might ask. Ask this to evoke that feeling of closeness. Besides, food is always a good conversation starter.

    1. What Is Your Favorite Meal of the Day?

    Everyone has their preference. You can then ask them if they have a particular favorite dish for that meal.

    1. What Do You Do for A Living?

    This shows sincere curiosity about a person’s career as well as opens a topic regarding something that they know a lot about. If they don’t work or don’t have a job at the moment, ask about what they might want to do.

    1. What’s the Most Useful Thing You Own?

    Things that you use often are bound to have an interesting story or two.

    1. What Is Your Spirit Animal?

    This is a fun one. You’ll learn which animal they relate most to and why.

    22 Best “Get to Know You” Questions

    Everyone has a lot of layers to them – layers that you need to peel away just so you can truly know who the person really is. These are the best questions to ask if you want to really get to know somebody. These are personal questions that, when answered honestly, will create an accurate picture of who the person is.

    If you want to know more about a person, then you must ask them the right questions. Questions that elicit answers that show the personal qualities of an individual are best. Here are some very creative questions you can ask someone you want to know a little better.

    1. What Is the First Thing You Notice About a Person?

    This tells you what physical attributes they find attractive and allows you to play up yours.

    1. What Are Some Challenges You Think the Next Generation Will Face?

    This requires some creativity. A lot of predictions and opinions can make for a colorful conversation.

    1. What Three Habits Will Improve Your Life?

    This may sound like a job interview question, but it really does convey that you’re interested in their life and their opinions.

    1. What in Your Life Do You Feel Most Grateful For?

    This question is deep, but gratitude for something in their life might be something that they want to share.

    1. If You Could Have Lunch with One Person Alive or Dead, Who Would It Be?

    This tells you a lot about who the person idolizes or the one person whose thoughts and input they think are so important.

    1. What Is Your Favorite Season, and Why?

    This tells you how they see beauty in terms of seasons. It may be interesting to see whether you both agree or disagree on a season.

    1. Do You Have Any Guilty Pleasures?

    This is a playful question that can show you a little bit of the naughty side of your conversation partner.

    1. If You Could Only Eat One Food for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

    Prepare to see your conversation partner rack their brain with this one because choosing just one food is really difficult.

    1. What’s the Number One Item You Would Save From Your Burning House?

    What a person values the most can be an indicator of who they really are as a person.

    1. What Really Makes You Angry?

    It’s best to know the triggers of those whom we would like to keep close.

    1. What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Career?

    This makes them see why their job is worthwhile. After all, we all spend a third of our day doing it.

    1. What Makes You Laugh the Most?

    You can bond a lot with anyone just by laughing at the same thing together. Deep friendships and even love have been known to start with a hearty laugh.

    1. Aside from Necessities, What One Thing Could You Not Go a Day Without?

    A question like this makes you understand what the person really values in their life.

    1. Are You a Clean or Messy Person?

    This can be a fun one, but it can also be a very personal question that a person might be careful about.

    1. What Does a Successful Relationship Look Like to You?

    The idea of the perfect relationship is different for everyone. You can find out if theirs matches yours.

    1. What Is Something You Like to Do that Other People Would Probably Consider “Weird” If They Knew?

    This question allows the person to be open about their uniqueness and what they make them special. Sometimes, the opportunity to do so doesn’t always present itself, so asking this head on can be very freeing.

    1. What Was Your Upbringing Like?

    A person’s childhood heavily influences how they are as an adult.

    1. If You Had to Describe Yourself in Five Words, What Would They Be?

    Five words don’t seem like much, but the choice of words can reveal a whole lot about a person.

    1. What Goals Do You Have for the Next Five Years?

    The hopes and dreams of a person define who they are and what will happen to them in the future.

    1. What Big Life Changes Have You Recently Experienced?

    Events that have just happened may impact their current state of mind, disposition, and behavior.

    1. What Is Your Favorite Holiday?

    Enjoying holidays is universal. This gives you the chance to talk about wonderful and maybe even magical moments of your lives.

    1. What Is the First Thing You Would Do If You Won the Lottery?

    Money can change people or, at the very least, amplify the personalities that a person already has. It’s fun to think about hypotheticals, especially when there’s a whole lot of money involved.

    6 Best Personal Questions

    People are social creatures. We thrive on our relationships with others. To have a real relationship, you have to know about the person you want in your life. You can do this by asking them some personal questions that may let them reveal things that they would not have otherwise shared. Get them to talk a little more about themselves with these great personal questions.

    1. What Do You Spend Most of Your Time Doing?

    This question can just be the start of something great, especially if both of you are interested in the same thing.

    (Video) How to Ask Questions in English 250 Basic Question Structures

    1. What Do You Spend Way Too Much of Money On?

    Is this a date or an audit? One word: budget

    1. How Do You Calm Yourself When You Get Angry?

    Getting angry is a natural reaction, but it may not always be in your best interest to do so. So, what do you do when you realize that you’re just a hair away from going full Hulk?

    1. When Was the Last Time You Tried Something to Look Cool but It Ended in Utter Embarrassment?

    Everyone is awkward to a degree. So, if you blundered doing something, then own it. Sure, they’ll laugh at you, but if you laugh at yourself too, then they’re also laughing with you. Win-win.

    1. What Is the Most Impressive Skill You Have?

    This bone has been thrown. Let’s see how they play with it.

    1. What’s Your “Go To” Video or Gif for a Laugh?

    Who gets depressed when the everything is a meme?

    6 Best Questions to Ask Friends

    Your friends are, for the most part, the family that you choose. Most squads are held together by similar interests or personality styles and quirks. This may be true for most circles, but each member of the clique does have his or her own idiosyncrasies. It’s these differences that make a person special. You probably know a whole lot about your friends, but you can still have a great time asking these questions to each other.

    1. What Time of the Day Do You Feel the Most Energetic, and What Do You Usually Do in Those Moments?

    Everyone’s different. Some are morning persons and prefer to be active during the day while others are night owls. It’s good to know the variety of your squad.

    1. What’s the Coolest Thing about Science?

    Science is a big part of our lives. This question gives you a chance to discuss fun pop-sci ideas as well as bigger scientific principles.

    1. What’s Your Idea of Heaven?

    This depends on whether you and your friends are religious. If not, you can just think of this in metaphors and ask about their idea of heaven on earth.

    1. When Are You Most Yourself?

    We all wear masks. Being with friends should allow you to be yourself.

    1. If You Won $100 Million, What Would You Buy First?

    Everyone wants money. Winning a stupendous amount is a fun fantasy you and your friends can enjoy together.

    1. What’s the Best Sound in the World?

    This question is just so random that no one has really gone out of their way to think about it. It might make for interesting answers all around.

    7 Best Most “Likely To” Questions

    The following will be a set of questions that you can ask your friends the next time you guys are together. You can do this as part of a drinking game or maybe if you’re having dinner together. The questions here will show how much each of you know each other. Think of it like a yearbook thing. You’ll be giving different titles to each of your friends. In the course of asking these questions, you’ll probably get your other friends to chime in too and to make things a whole lot more fun. Besides, the person you chose as your answer can either accept or refuse the title you’ve given them – which can make for a very animated and fun discussion.

    1. Who Is Most Likely to Give All Their Money to Charity?

    This allows the person to think about the most generous person in the group.

    1. Who Is Most Likely Always to Be Happy?

    This is a good way to know how your conversation partner sees happiness.

    1. Who Is Most Likely to Have Weird Phobias?

    Ask the person about their weird phobia.

    1. Who Is Most Likely to Get in a Fight?

    This is the person that you most want to be your friend instead of an enemy.

    1. Who Is Most Likely to Be the First One to Die in a Zombie Apocalypse?

    Avoid this person like the plague during the Zombie Apocalypse. After all, you need to survive.

    1. Who Is Most Likely to Invent Something Useful?

    So, who is the brainiest of the bunch?

    1. Who Is Most Likely Not to Take a Shower for a Week?

    Hygiene. Hygiene. Hygiene. It’s important.

    7 Best Questions to Ask a Girl

    Getting to know a girl you like is like threading a needle with a chain, or at least, it can feel that way because you’ll probably get your nerves in the way. But, girls are people too. They don’t always bite – well, if you’re lucky they do. the point is, just talk to them as you would any other person. If you’ve already done the hard work of asking a lady out, then here are some of the best questions you could ask her to get to know here more.

    1. What Have You Learned from Your Past Relationship?

    This can be a little tricky, especially if they’re still reeling from the break up. But, every hurt or every bad experience comes with it a nugget of wisdom.

    1. What Is the Most Important Thing that Guys Should Understand About the Girl but It

    Seems to You that They Do Not Understand?

    This is pretty straight forward. It’s not going to sound too personal because you’re asking in general terms. You’ll most likely learn a few good tips.

    1. What Is the Most Useless Thing You’ve Ever Bought?

    It’s always fun to talk about something that’s goofy and stupid. If the person didn’t get ripped off for an exorbitant amount for the useless purchase, then there could be a humorous story there somewhere.

    1. Which Decade Do You Think Had the Best Sense of Style?

    This allows you to fantasize about fashion together, and, at the same time, you can playfully joke around with thinking about wearing silly fashion trends of the past.

    1. What Is Your Silliest Fear?

    To answer this one, your conversation partner is going to have to think about something that’s a little bit irrational, and maybe it would be fun to talk about such silly fears. But, if they’re genuinely afraid of something, then you should be careful about making fun of it.

    1. If You Had to Compare Yourself to One Fictional Character, Who Would It Be?

    Their answer to this can show you how they view their idealized self. You’ll get to understand a person more from who they relate to the most.

    1. What Is the Worst Pickup Line You’ve Ever Heard?

    The world is full of bad pickup lines. Laugh at something stupid some guy said and maybe try out one of your own.

    10 Best Questions to Ask a Guy

    So, there’s a guy that you want to get to know a little better, someone you may like or someone that your girlfriends have set you up with. You’re probably on a date, and you want to start a conversation that gets him to talk about himself a little more. Here are the best questions you can ask a guy in that situation.

    1. What’s One Thing People Would Never Know About You Just by Looking at You?

    This shows that you’re interested in what makes them special. This allows the guy to remove his mask, the one he wears to show society who he is (or really isn’t). This question evokes feelings of closeness.

    1. What’s the Sweetest Thing You’ve Ever Done for a Girl?

    This allows the guy to brag a little bit about his sweet and fluffy side. His answer alone can make any girl listening swoon. Just make sure you’re not the jealous type.

    1. Have You Ever Made a Decision that Changed Your Entire Life? If So, What Was It?

    This is a bit personal, but most guys like to justify their life-altering decisions to anyone who wants to listen.

    1. Would You Rather Go Out or Stay In On a Saturday Night?

    This question tries to categorize the guy as more of an outgoing type or a stay at home type.

    1. What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done for a Girl?

    Crazy makes life worth living. A story of crazy young love can make for a great conversation.

    1. Where Do You Like to Go to Have Fun?

    You’ll know more about the guy and where he likes to hang out. Knowing this could make you decide whether you want to hang out with the guy in the future.

    1. What Is Your Favorite Thing about Being a Guy?

    This question could make for a colorful conversation. Just keep things light and friendly. Don’t make it a girls vs. guys thing, or do. Maybe it will lead to a fun convo.

    1. What Is Your Most Useless Skill? Most Valuable?

    Well, a skill is a skill is a skill. At the very least, a useless skill can be a fun novelty.

    1. What’s the Best Bad Decision You Ever Made?

    This could elicit a chuckle. It’s the only logical reaction to having a bad decision turn out good.

    1. What Is the Best Pizza Topping Combination?

    Everyone’s got their favorite. Find out if you can order a pie together.

    6 Best First Date Questions to Ask

    The dating game can be a lot of fun, especially if you know what you’re doing. One of the best skills to learn to be successful with dating is how to start and keep a conversation going. Here are some of the best questions you can ask your date the first time you go out.

    1. If You Could Wave a Magic Wand Right Now and Have Your Life Be Perfect, What Would that New Life Look Like?

    This shows that you are interested in the life and thoughts of your date. You also get bonus points for letting them dream of their best life in such a fun way.

    1. What Could You Spend All Day Talking About?

    This allows you to gauge your partner’s interests. While they answer, take mental notes for future reference.

    1. On Your Last Vacation, Did You Plan Everything Out Beforehand or Go with the Flow?

    Planning and just winging it are the two dichotomies that divide most people. It’s great to learn this about someone you’re planning on spending more time with.

    1. What’s Your Favorite Thing about Your Best Friend?

    This allows you to learn about what they like in a friend. Take note and be something more than just a best friend.

    1. If You Had a Dinner Party and Had to Invite a Musician, a Politician, a Famous Couple, and Only One Family Member, Who Would You Invite? Bonus Points: What Would You Be Serving, Where Would You Have It, and What Would Be on Your Dinner Playlist?

    This set of questions plays on your date’s imagination and fantasy. It’s sort of like make-believe and can be very revealing. If you can go along with their answer, you can keep this convo going without getting bored.

    1. What Do You Like to Do When You’re Not Working?

    This may sound like fishing, but yep, it’s an essential question if you want to go on another date. Who knows, maybe they’ll throw you a bone and tell you exactly what your next date should be.

    8 Best Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

    Okay, you got a girl to say yes to you, and you now have a girlfriend. Conversations should flow naturally at this point, right? If they’re not, here are a few things to ask her to get a good conversation going. Some of these are deep, while some are fun and silly.

    1. What Did You Always Wanted to Try but Never Found the Courage to Do?

    You should encourage her and help her achieve her dreams. You’re a team now, and that means that you always have her back.

    1. Do You Enjoy Being Out in Nature?

    If the answer is yes, then you’re going to have to be more of an outdoors person from now on. At least add camping and trekking to your list of activities.

    1. What’s the Best Way to Spend a Rainy Afternoon?

    This can be pretty romantic. You can probably chime in and talk about spending time together cuddling, maybe with a cup of cocoa, while watching a movie.

    1. What’s the Silliest Reason You’ve Ever Gotten into a Fight with Someone?

    This just might reveal her pet peeves. She can also get a laugh reminiscing something that was probably stupid.

    1. What Slang or Trend Makes You Feel Old?

    There’s no getting around it; everyone gets older. Might as well find out what she thinks about the trends nowadays.

    1. How Are You Really?

    Oh, this one is very deep. This is can be a double-edged sword, so be careful with this one. Communication is key to a meaningful relationship.

    1. What Was the Most Thoughtful Gift You Ever Received?

    Take it as a challenge. There should be no one more thoughtful than you.

    1. What’s the Best Topping/Ice Cream Combination?

    If you ask this, and you don’t buy her the ice cream, then that’s just sad.

    11 Best Questions for Couples

    Even though couples spend most of their time together, there still may be some things that they don’t know about each other, especially when it comes to their thoughts on certain things. Also, because they do share a lot of memories together, it will be easy to talk about these. Here are some of the best questions that couples can answer together.

    1. What Does Love Look Like to You?

    Your thoughts on love may not jive with your partner’s. This is a good starting point to try to reconcile your differences to make things work.

    (Video) 100 Common English Questions and Answers | How to Ask and Answer Questions in English

    1. What Is Your Favorite Dessert?

    It’s always great to share a sweet with your sweetheart. This is a pretty basic question to ask and people are always responsive to it.

    1. When Was the First Time You Became Aware of Me?

    Walking down memory lane might be good to re-ignite the spark, or it may be a good basis for a gift or a date in the future.

    1. Do You Remember the First Thing We Said to One Another?

    Try to see if you remember the same thing the same way. Both of you will feel good talking about your relationship milestones.

    1. What’s Your Favorite Memory of Me?

    If you do ask your partner this, you better have one ready of theirs.

    1. What Is Your Favorite Way of Spending Time with Me?

    Every couple has a go-to type of date or a fave way of spending time together. If life got in the way, you better move things around to see more of each other.

    1. If You Were Asked to Give Me a Nickname, What Would It Be?

    Ask this if your partner doesn’t already have one for you. You could be as naughty as you want with this one.

    1. What’s the One Secret You’ve Been Too Embarrassed to Tell Me?

    Secrets are dangerous to relationships. This question might get too real if you’re not careful. Remember, your partner’s going to want to ask you too.

    1. If There’s One Thing You’d Want to Change about Me, What Is It?

    Be cautious about asking something that can be misinterpreted as you not being content with how your partner is. So, if you and your partner are open minded enough, this could be a great way to keep each other on your toes.

    1. If We Hadn’t Met Each Other, Where Would You Be Right Now?

    This is a genuinely interesting what-if. Your answers to this question can show you how much the relationship has changed both of your lives.

    1. What Would Your Dream Home Look Like?

    It could be nice trying to see how the future looks with your current partner, especially if you’re in a serious relationship.

    11 Newlywed Game Questions

    Newlyweds are in love. They’re embarking on a new adventure together with their partner. Living with their spouse may not be something that they’ve done while they’re dating or, at the very least, the level of togetherness is more extreme now that they’re married. This makes everything they do together new. So, it could be fun asking them these Newlywed Game Questions and watching them answer wrongly. Who knows, it could be cute.

    1. Which One of You Is the First to Wake Up in the Morning?

    Then, ask them what the early bird does. Does he or she prepare breakfast in bed?

    1. When It Comes to Replacing the Toilet Paper Roll, Should the Paper Go Over or Under?

    Just some of the more important things in life.

    1. Who Is Terrible with Directions and Gets Lost Easily?

    For most couples, there is always one person in the relationship whose internal GPS is not calibrated right.

    1. Among the Two of You, Who Believes in Ghosts?

    Maybe they’re both believers or skeptics, or there is one of each. Whatever the dynamic is, this is a fun concept to bond over.

    1. Which of You Is Pro at Fixing Things in the House?

    Who’s handier around the house?

    1. Which Spouse Is a Picky Eater?

    Your taste in food can have deep roots in childhood, which could still play a significant role when choosing where to eat with your spouse.

    1. Who Is Better at Remembering Important Dates?

    Dates are important, especially birthdays and anniversaries.

    1. What Would You Do to Make It a Perfect Sunday?

    Sunday may be the only day of the week for you to unwind.

    1. Who Gets to Hold the Remote?

    Who has the final say when it comes to watching TV?

    1. What Subject Was Likely the Weakest Subject for Your Mate in School?

    This shows how much you know your partner or how you think they were as a kid.

    1. Who Is More Likely to Bring Home an Abandoned Kitten or Puppy?

    Aww… can we keep him/her?

    10 Best “Would You Rather” Questions

    As adults, it can be quite a lot of fun to answer silly questions like these. Not everything has to be all gritty and serious. Here are some of the best “would you rather” questions around.

    1. Would You Rather Go Camping in the Woods or Stay at a Beach Resort?

    These are two different places that show the personality type of your conversation partner.

    1. Would You Rather Be Half Your Height or Double Your Weight?

    This is silly and childlike – something that is a breath of fresh air, especially if you’re surrounded by serious people all the time.

    1. Would You Rather Be an Ugly Genius or a Hot Moron?

    It’s always good to be both, right? An ugly moron is the life of the party after all. Kidding aside, this will have your conversation partner scratching their heads as they ponder this most important of life’s questions.

    1. Would You Rather Be Itchy or Sticky for the Rest of Your Life?

    Either way, you lose. Now, which do you think is the lesser of these two evils.

    1. Would You Rather Have the Hiccups for the Rest of Your Life, or Always Feel Like You Need to Sneeze but Can’t?

    These are torture in question form. But, in the spirit of fun and games, they have to choose one of these discomforts.

    1. Would You Rather Eat a Gallon of Mayonnaise or Four Sticks of Butter?

    I guess no one’s watching their calorie intake.

    1. Would You Rather End the Life a Single Human Being or 500 Cute Baby Animals?

    Oh my gahd! Why would you even ask this? You have to save the animals, right? I mean, you have to.

    1. Would You Rather Relive the Same Day for 365 Days or Lose a Year of Your Life?

    Going Groundhog Day for a year is going to be so much fun, but yeah, maybe being an all-knowing immortal god for a year is not everyone’s cup of tea.

    1. Would You Rather Sell All of Your Possessions or Sell One of Your Organs?

    It’s getting a little dark here.

    1. Would You Rather Be Forced to Dance Every Time You Heard Music or Be Forced to Sing Along to Any Song You Heard?

    Either way, you’re going to be so tired and embarrassed all your life. So, yeah, choose wisely.

    9 Best Random Questions to Ask

    Predictability is boring. You need to be unpredictable and random every once in a while to be fun. Here are some of the best random questions to ask someone.

    1. If You Were in a Band, What Kind of Music Would You Play?

    It would be interesting to see what their musical tendencies are. Also, each band member actually corresponds to a particular personality type, so there’s that.

    1. If You Had to Run Away from Everyone, Where Would You Hide Yourself?

    The bigger question is, “What did you do that you had to flee?”

    1. What Do You Think Is the Cleverest Animal, and Why?

    Do you think that animals are smarter than humans or at the very least, wiser? Now, there’s a question for meditation.

    1. If You Had to Be One Cartoon Character, Which Would You Choose?

    It’s great to get in touch with your inner child with this one.

    1. Would You Abandon Your Phone, Internet, Family, and Friends for Three Months for a Prize of $1 Million?

    Remember, there are so many things that can happen in three months – but $1 Million Dollars?

    1. What Is the Word You Absolutely Hate People for Using?

    There are just some semantic triggers we wish never to hear.

    1. What Is the Most Beautiful Thing in Nature?

    Let’s you see into the soul of your conversation partner.

    1. What Is Your Favorite Type of Candy?

    Barring risk for diabetes, everyone’s got to satisfy their sweet tooth.

    1. How Do You Feel About Clowns?

    It seems that clowns are freaky for some people and funny and cute for others.

    8 Best Interesting Questions

    You must be interesting for someone to think that you’re interesting. You have to show people that they do have a reason to be interested in you. Here are some interesting questions that might just tilt the scales in your favor.

    1. What Are You Expecting from This Relationship?

    This is pretty bold and direct. Honestly, this question is like a make-or-break type of thing. If you don’t like your partner’s answer, you might have a problem. Remember, your partner might reciprocate and bounce the question back to you, so you better be prepared with an answer yourself.

    1. Do Loud Noises Bother You?

    While the answer may seem obvious, there are people who can thrive even in the noisiest of environments.

    1. What Have You Forgotten?

    Hahaha. At first, this may sound like a joke, but this question just might jog their memory for something juicy.

    1. If You Had Two Hours Left on Earth, What Would You Do?

    This is always a fun one. They can go noble or they can go hedonistic. Either way, it’s fun to listen to their answer.

    1. Who Makes You Laugh More than Anyone?

    If it’s not you, prepare to act like you’re not jealous.

    1. What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Given?

    When answered, this question shows just how thoughtful a person your conversation partner is.

    1. How Many Times a Day Do You Look in the Mirror?

    No one probably keeps a tally, so it would be a fun exercise to see just how much of a narcissist a person is.

    1. If 100 People in Your Age Group Were Selected Randomly, How Many Do You Think They’d Find Leading a Happier Life than You?

    It’s a statistics thing. So, is your conversation partner’s life happy or not.

    8 Best Fun Questions to Ask

    These are pretty random questions that can be fun and interesting, but at the same time, they can also be very personal. These questions really make your conversation partner think.

    1. If You Were Guaranteed the Correct Answer to One Question, What Would You Ask?

    Here are two obvious ones: “What is the meaning of life?” and “What are the winning lottery numbers?”

    1. What Is an Obscure Food that You Have Eaten that Most People Never Tried?

    Okay, this is an interesting question about an interesting food. This shows how adventurous the other person is in terms of gustatory experiences.

    1. What Is Your Favorite Three-Word Sentence?

    You and your partner can have some real naughty fun with this one. You can also add that they have the power to choose who says the three-word sentence.

    1. If You Had to Live a Week Without Internet, What Would You Do to Keep Yourself Busy?

    It seems like every part of our lives is intertwined with the internet. It would be interesting to see what they would do without it.

    1. What Was the Most Awesome Excuse You Ever Made?

    Lies. This is all about the art of lie weaving.

    (Video) Understanding Duality - Part 1 - Master List of 250+ Dualities

    1. What’s the Worse Topping to Put on a Pizza?

    Before everything becomes gross and disgusting, there is one rule: It has to be food.

    1. What’s the Worst Topping to Put on Ice Cream?

    The same rules from the pizza apply. Obviously.

    1. What’s the Most Ridiculous Thing You’ve Ever Heard Someone Say Out Loud?

    Some people are awkward and barely have any filters.

    8 Best Funny Questions to Ask

    It’s easy for strangers or even friends to bond over something funny. Give your conversation partner something to think and laugh about. Here are a few funny questions that are sure to get a chuckle.

    1. What Product Do You Think the World Could Go Without?

    There are tons of superfluous gadgets out there. Among these, which is the most useless?

    1. If One Animal Was Made the Size of a Whale, Which Would Be the Scariest?

    This is not funny anymore. Prepare. Most answers will usually go toward bugs and creepy crawlies. *shudders*

    1. What Is the Worst Song Lyric You Have Ever Heard?

    Dare them to sing it out loud in public.

    1. What Is the Craziest Thing You’ve Seen Somebody Do at the Workplace?

    People are crazy, and when you lock them in an office for 8 hours of the day with other crazy people doing monotonous tasks, something’s gotta give, or at the very least, they’re going to find something wacky to do to entertain themselves.

    1. What Is the Worst Thing Your Mom Caught You Doing as a Kid?

    The answer to this might be horrifying, funny or gross. Kids will be kids.

    1. What Is that One Joke that You Cannot Tell Without Laughing Hard?

    That must be one heck of a joke.

    1. Who Is the Most Annoying Celebrity According to You?

    Everyone’s got their pet peeves when it comes to these public figures.

    1. What Fun Activity from Your Childhood Has Been Completely Ruined for Kids Today?

    Kids nowadays are so coddled.

    7 Best Ice Breaker Questions

    Getting to know another individual can be difficult. Well, it is if you’re not asking the right ice breakers. Here are some of the more interesting ice breakers out there.

    1. What Good Thing Happened to You Today (or This Week)?

    This reframes the mindset of your conversation partner. They’ll thank you for it.

    1. When You Are Gone, What Would You Like People to Write for Your Obituary and Why?

    This is a rather morbid ice breaker, but it does get the job done. Everyone wants to be remembered positively. This gets your conversation partner thinking about their ideal lives.

    1. What Responsibility Would You Gladly Give Up? What Would You Not Give Up?

    The correct answer is “everything.” Okay, we can’t have that, but let’s see how they justify their actions.

    1. Where Were You Living Between the Ages of 7 and 12? What Were Winters Like Then and How Was Your Home Heated During that Time?

    This set of questions is pretty specific. But, it ultimately allows your conversation partner to think back to their childhood. It’s always a good place to start when it comes to getting to know a person.

    1. What Do You Like Best About Your House or Apartment?

    Even the least ideal apartments will have something to offer.

    1. What Is Your Middle Name and Why Were You So Named?

    Middle names are the worst. It seems that there are some families who use this to make fun of their children.

    1. Where Is Your Happy Place?

    Everyone needs a place to recharge, be themselves, and just let go of all the worries. Do you want their happy place to be with you?

    6 Best Weird Questions to Ask

    Thinking about weird things can be so much fun. It certainly beats thinking about mundane boring stuff that you deal with every single day. Use these weird questions to keep things light and fun.

    1. What Smells Make You Happy?

    Okay, scents trigger memories, so this is more of a memory-type question. It’s a bit weird, yes, but it’s scientifically accurate.

    1. If You Could Pick Any Animal to Talk, Which Would It Be?

    Also, ask your conversation partner how their voice would sound and what they would likely want to talk about.

    1. What’s the Most Bizarre Chewing Gum Flavor You Can Come Up With?

    This question now depends on how gross your conversation partner is. You can probably set ground rules and not include anything too disgusting.

    1. What Are the Five Words that You Use the Least? The Most?

    Get ready to crack open a thesaurus. Okay, you might not need one, but trying to come up with the answer might be hilarious.

    1. Would You Rather Be as Tiny as a Fly or as Massive as a Dinosaur?

    If these were superpowers you can turn on or off at whim, then that would be interesting.

    1. If You Were a Snake, How Long Would You Want to Be?

    Why not, right? I mean if you’re going to go serpentine, you must have some thought as to the length of your cold, limbless body.

    13 Best This or That Questions

    You are presented with choices every single moment of your life. Ask these important questions to learn about how the other person thinks.

    1. Burgers or Tacos?

    We’re now in the big leagues. This question usually tears families apart – at least when it’s time for drive-thrus.

    1. Money or Fame?

    While this can be a choice between one or the other, it’s likely going to be a chicken or the egg type of deal.

    1. Too Warm or Too Cold?

    You can also turn this into a geographic question.

    1. Pepsi or Coke?

    This could start World War III! The Battle of the Colas.

    1. Beard or Mustache?

    It depends on what you want to do with it.

    1. Early Bird or Night Owl?

    Which one are you? Are you the type who sleeps early and wakes up early or are you a vampire?

    1. Classic or Modern?

    This question can apply to so many things.

    1. Smile or Eyes?

    Which one of these attracts you the most when it comes to the opposite sex.

    1. Fast Food or Mom’s Cooking?

    Be honest, but remind your conversation partner that it’s their mother they’re talking about – the woman who risked her body to give life to them. Think about the stretch marks. Think about the sagging body parts because of going through pregnancy and birth.

    1. Batman or Superman?

    This one is fun. One is a super man, and the other is a super non-man.

    1. Call or Text?

    Do people still call? This could be pretty divisive. You can throw in different situations for good measure.

    1. Plane or Train?

    Is it more fun to go the scenic route, or do you want to be there as fast as possible?

    1. Sweater or Hoodie?

    This is a fashion choice type of thing.

    6 Best Truth or Dare Questions

    Truth or dare can be really fun, especially when you’re with people you like. You know how it’s done; you’ve probably played this game a few times when you were young. While these questions may push people to reveal embarrassing, truthful things about themselves, the dare part of these questions can be added as a kicker.

    1. After You’ve Dropped a Piece of Food, What’s the Longest Time You’ve Left It on the Ground and Then Ate It?

    This could get interesting. Prepare to be grossed out.

    1. What Was the Last Thing You Searched for On Your Phone?

    Remember that the FBI is always listening.

    1. How Would You Rate Your Looks on a Scale of 1 to 10?

    Maybe it’s time to humble brag.

    1. What’s the Most Unflattering School Picture of You?

    Picture day during your most awkward years is the worst. You’ll be lucky that you didn’t have a zit, over the top make up, or a bad hair day – not to mention an awkward smile. Or, maybe you could have had wonky facial features that you just hadn’t grown into yet back when you were a kid.

    1. Would You Wear Your Shirt Inside Out for a Whole Day If Someone Paid You $100?

    People will do many awful things for 100 bucks.

    1. Give Someone Your Phone and Let Them Send One Text to Anyone in Your Contacts.

    How much money are we talking about here? This is a life ruining dare.

    8 Best “What If” Questions

    The What Ifs are the best things in life. If you believe that everything is only what you see, then you’re probably living in a boring world. While reality is what it is, wouldn’t it be fun to dream or to fantasize about things that may or may not be real? It’s something that can be quite the trip, especially if your conversation partner is also very creative with their answers. These would be good conteders for a game of Q&A(questions & answers).Here are some of the most mind-blowing What If questions you can ask someone.

    1. What If Computers Took Over the World?

    We’re all doomed. Watch Matrix and Terminator again. Yep, we are creating our enslavers.

    1. What If Someone Wrote a Story about You? Would You Be Considered a Hero or a Villain in Your Story?

    This is a good twist. Instead of having your conversation partner think of their lives through their own perspective, you get to do it in the second person.

    1. What If We Found Live Dinosaurs Living on a Remote Island?

    Would you be brave enough to go there?

    1. What If You Could Change One Thing About the World? What Would It Be?

    The answer to this question will be interesting. They can go with changing their own status in life, or they can go altruistic and ask for world peace. Either way, this is a Miss Universe Final Round-level question.

    1. What If You Woke Up and Discovered You Were the Only Person on Earth?

    Everyone left without you. It could be fun.

    1. What If You Were Offered the Opportunity to Go into Space?

    Additional information might be required, such as the people you’re going with, how long the trip is going to be, and to where you’d be headed.

    1. What If You Could Marry Someone Famous, Either Living or Dead?

    The dead have to be alive when they get married, okay?! Let’s keep things PG.

    1. What If You Could Start Your Life All Over? What Would You Do Differently?

    This is the ultimate question about regrets. Be careful with this one though, as this could be a downer. It may ruin your night if things get a little too heavy.

    8 Best Deep Questions to Ask

    It takes a special kind of bond between people to make an environment of safety and non-judgment. If you’re going to ask someone really deep questions, you need to understand that they are putting themselves out there with their answers. It certainly isn’t something easy to do when they’re faced with scrutiny. So, your first thing to do would be to tell them or to show them that they are genuinely and sincerely safe with you.

    (Video) 5 strong questions to ask to interviewer | questions for interviewer | Data Science Interview

    You can get away with asking these questions during a first date because, well, first dates are interviews for a lover position, after all. So, right from the get-go, there is a promise or potential for intimacy.

    Use some of these deep questions to get to know someone better. Asking these questions may really strengthen your bond with that person.

    1. What Is the Biggest Change You Want to Make in Your Life?

    We are going trench-deep with this one. It’s a serious question that will likely get a serious introspective response.

    1. What Do You Consider to Be the Highlight of Your Life?

    What are the most important things that you have done in your life? What other achievements do you want to accomplish in life?

    1. What Is Your Best Piece of Advice?

    If this was something that was given to them, then you can ask about that person too and the situation wherein the person was warranted to provide this precious piece of advice.

    1. What Do You Think Is the Best Feeling in the World?

    What makes them feel the happiest? Bliss is different for everyone.

    1. What Is One Thing You Don’t Understand About Yourself?

    There are things about ourselves that just seem like we can’t overcome. Introspection might be a little revealing.

    1. What Is Something Beautiful You See Every Day?

    It’s easy to take things for granted. Questions like this one provides a positive reframing of what may have become trite.

    1. What Was the Single, Best Realization You Have Ever Had?

    This allows the person to think about the bigger questions in life.

    7 Best Hypothetical Questions

    Hypotheticals are fun to think about. They’re like little mental mind experiments you can play around with. First of all, they are not real, so the stakes are not real either. You can be as playful or as serious as you want. It depends on the mood of the situation or the mood of the people involved. You know how this game is played. You probably played this game as a child. Because this is a really childish way of thinking about things. So, make use of these hypotheticals if you want to infuse some fun and a little bit of childhood playfulness into a conversation.

    1. Would You Rather Lose 100 pounds or Be Given $10 Million and Have to Set It All On Fire and Watch It Burn?

    Why would the money be burned?

    1. Would You Rather Eat Only One Meal Every Three Days of Whatever You Want, and Only Peanuts in Between to Keep You Alive; or Eat Whatever You Want, Whenever, but Have No Sense of Taste?

    The answer to this question might be obvious, but it would be fun to see the reasoning for the answer.

    1. If You Had a Choice Between Having a Tail or Losing a Leg, Which Would You Choose?

    Maybe you could have the tail cropped? Just a thought.

    1. What Would You Do If You Only Had 100 Blinks Left Before Losing Your Vision?

    Is having your eyelids surgically removed out of the question?

    1. If You Did Not Exist, What Would You Be Doing Now?

    There is no right or wrong answer for this one because the answer doesn’t really exist.

    1. How Would Human Life Be Different If Crocodiles Could Fly?

    Croc-nado anyone?

    1. Can You Afford to Feed a Dinosaur?

    Well, if the dinosaur eats people I don’t like…

    8 Best Existential and Philosophical Questions to Ask

    If you’re a human being, you’ve probably have had an existential crisis at one point in your life. If you haven’t, then you’ll probably have one, one of these days. It’s just one of those things that everyone of goes through. In the same vein, you’ve probably had your moral values challenged. It’s always good to think about these deep things, but bear in mind that these questions are very heavy. They can’t be asked during certain situations, especially if the ambience of your meeting is really quite fun and light. It probably would just put a damper on things. If you’re going to make use of these questions, then do so thoughtfully. Read the room. To an extent, you need to know if the person you’re asking welcomes such questions.

    1. To What Extent Do You Shape Your Own Destiny, and How Much Is Down to Fate?

    You’ll see the gears turning on this one. This is a question that has been around for ages. It’s certainly an oldie but a goodie.

    1. Should People Care More About Doing the Right Thing, or Doing Things Right?

    Aren’t they the same thing though?

    1. What Do People Strive for After Enlightenment?

    Is enlightenment all there is to it? What about godhood? I mean, Buddha did it.

    1. If Lying Is Wrong, Are White Lies Okay?

    This shows to what extent something “wrong” can be “right.”

    1. Can We Have Happiness Without Sadness?

    Can we have light without the dark? These are the questions that can get you thinking about the duality of our experiences. Everything is relative to everything else.

    1. Does Sound Happen If Nothing Is Present to Hear It?

    Empty your mind. Pure Zen right here.

    1. Does Observation Alter an Event?

    Is it a wave or a particle? Observation bias is real.

    1. Is a “Wrong” Act Okay If Nobody Ever Knows About It?

    This is a discussion for the ages. What makes something evil? You can also think about victims and the lack thereof. Be forewarned; it’s going to get heated.

    24 “Never Have I Ever” Questions

    Let’s face it, most of these questions are going to be asked when you’re drunk. Well, these Never Have I Ever questions are mostly asked as a drinking game. Yeah, this is a fun way to drink, especially when you’re with friends – or better yet, when you’re with a group of people whom you think you can be romantically involved with. It’s such a great way to learn something about people without really getting too heavy and deep. It’s playful flirting, especially with the booze flowing. So, have fun with these Never Have I Ever Questions.

    1. Never Have I Ever Played Never Have I Ever.

    This is the first question that needs to be asked so that the rules can be made clear.

    1. Never Have I Ever Pretended to Laugh at a Joke I Didn’t Get.

    He who laughs last, thinks slowest – so, if you laugh first, even if you don’t get it, does that mean that your cleverer?

    1. Never Have I Ever Had a Near-Death Experience.

    This can bring up bad memories. Be careful with this question. Your conversation partner could’ve gone through some real trauma-level tragedies that may put a damper on things.

    1. Never Have I Ever Played Candy Crush.

    If you haven’t, you deserve a reward for self-control or peer pressure defenses.

    1. Never Have I Ever Crept On Someone I Just Met On Social Media.

    Everyone’s a creeper or a stalker to some extent. Is your conversation partner going to fess up to it though?

    1. Never Have I Ever Lost Sunglasses that I Was Already Wearing.

    This could be a no-brainer of a question, but it does sort of happen. Being not conscious about having your glasses on pretty much works the same way that you don’t think about the clothes you’re wearing.

    1. Never Have I Ever Gotten Stitches.

    If your conversation partner has some stitches, there has got to be a story that ends with them in the Emergency Room.

    1. Never Have I Ever Had a Paranormal Experience.

    This is juicy. Prepare yourself as you listen to real-world paranormal experiences. Remember, if aliens are able to reach Earth from wherever they’re from, then they most likely have the technology to keep themselves hidden – at least, most of the time.

    1. Never Have I Ever Woken Up and Couldn’t Move.

    It’s a real thing. Also, you want to shout, but you couldn’t. Also, sometimes, you see these dark entities holding you down.

    1. Never Have I Ever Looked Through Someone Else’s Phone Without Their Permission.

    Admit it, you were looking for noodz.

    1. Never Have I Ever Said I Am Never Drinking Again.

    If you’ve ever gone partying, then the chances are that you’ve had to lie to yourself the next day. We all do it.

    1. Never Have I Ever Tried Guessing Someone’s Password.

    Well, hello, there, Mr. or Ms. Snoopy. If you’re not up to something shady, then it could be all for fun and giggles.

    1. Never Have I Ever Pulled a Push Door.

    Push and pull can be a little bit confusing, especially if the label is not that clear.

    1. Never Have I Ever Checked Through My Phone Media to Remember the Night Before.

    That must have been one heck of a night. I’ll bet you a million bucks that there was alcohol involved. Just be glad that you didn’t end up waking up with a tiger.

    1. Never Have I Ever Farted in an Elevator and Pretended It Was Not Me.

    Flatulence is normal, but if one does get away from you, if it was silent, you can probably get away with denying it. Still, this isn’t something you want to ask a date.

    1. Never Have I Ever Spied on My Neighbors.

    Voyeuristic tendencies might just be rooted in primal desires, but it MAY be wrong to do it nowadays.

    1. Never Have I Ever Fallen Asleep on the Bus and Passed My Station.

    Maybe the person was just tired. But the thing is, passing your station could be quite inconvenient.

    1. Never Have I Ever Kept a Wallet or Money that Someone Dropped.

    Honesty is the name of the game. But, yeah, people also say finders keepers, losers weepers.

    1. Never Have I Ever Called in Sick to Work Because I Was Hungover.

    If you’ve ever been hungover, it IS a kind of sickness. Rather, it is a survivable poisoning.

    1. Never Have I Ever Deleted a Post on Social Media because I Had a Low Percentage of “Likes.”

    What post? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    1. Never Have I Ever Made a Wish at a Fountain.

    Most everyone has. There is magic in the world, and having it concentrated in a beautifully, ornate fountain is believable.

    1. Never Have I Ever Been Stood Up by My Date.

    This can be embarrassing. But, yeah if a person is stood up, maybe it says more about the person doing the standing up than the person being stood up.

    1. Never Have I Ever Tolerated a Bad Movie to Impress My Partner.

    We all have different tastes in movies. So, something “bad” might just be awesome for someone else. Besides, giving a movie a chance might just let the movie grow on you. You might even get a new movie genre to add to your watch list.

    1. Never Have I Ever “Cleaned Up” By Piling Everything into a Closet.

    Is that even “cleaning up” though? Really? Be honest with yourself.

    5 Interview Questions

    So, you find yourself being in a situation where you’re doing the interviews for a job. You’ve probably read a few CVs from your candidates, and you want to make it a little bit more interesting. You can do this by asking them some of these classic and effective interview questions. These questions will allow you to gauge the personalities and capabilities of the applicants.

    1. What’s Something You’d Be Happy Doing Every Day for the Rest of Your Career?

    This asks the person about being content and maybe even happy with a job.

    1. How Important Is Physique to You for a Healthy Relationship?

    This may be a little personal for an interview question, but it does say something about the person, especially which personal characteristics they deem important.

    1. How Do You Define Success?

    This allows the person to state in their own words what success really is. It’s a personal definition that’s based on their values. Do they prefer financial freedom, a family or their own, fame, friends, a great career? These are some of the things that define success for people.

    1. What Would Your Pet Say About You If We Asked for a Reference?

    This is an unexpected twist. You’ll be asked to evaluate yourself through your pet’s eyes. If you’ve ever forgotten refilling your pet’s water bowl, then you’re in trouble.

    1. How Can You Say that a Certain Process Is Effective?

    This question means business. It allows the candidate to share his or her views regarding the parameters that are used to decide whether something is effective or not. Maybe you can have the candidate talk about results.


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