List of 50 Difficult Words with Meanings, Synonyms and Pronounciation | Most Difficult Words in English (2023)

50 Difficult Words With Meaning in English: Well, we all have at least once gone through the examinations where an enhanced vocabulary plays a vital role. Even in prominent examinations like TOEFL and others, this is something that matters a lot, and this is a significant reason behind understanding and learning some difficult words with their meanings. But have you ever given it much focus and practiced enough for the same?

Vocabulary List provided helps in the competitive examinations and also in various stages of life. This article on 50 difficult words with their meanings is essential for better preparation for the students as well as for the adults. Experts precisely curate this article to help serve various needs. Read on 50 Difficult Words with Meanings for Class 4, 5, Different English Words With meanings and sentences.

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50 Difficult Words With Meanings, Pronunciation and Sentences

Here is the List of Hard Words and Meanings in English. Improve your Vocabulary and also how to Pronounce the most difficult words provided. Most of the Words which we use while interacting are synonyms and we never use them. However, they will be quite useful when you face any competitive exams. Good Vocabulary will always take you ahead in life. Below List of 50 Most Difficult Words and Meanings carefully organized will enhance your English Vocabulary for sure.

1. Abnegation

Pronounced as /abnɪˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n/.

Meaning – Renouncing any belief or doctrine.

Example – I have a strong belief in the abnegation of religions and cultures.

2. Aggrandize

Pronounced as /əˈɡrandʌɪz/

Meaning – An enhanced wealth, status or power

Example – This act intended to aggrandize the British community.

3. Alacrity

Pronounced as /əˈlakrɪti/

Meaning – Eagerness

Example – He is too influenced by her that he accepted the invitation with alacrity.

4. Anachronistic

Pronounced as /ənakrəˈnɪstɪk/

Meaning – Chronologically misplaced

Example – He rebels with his parents, and it seems that he is against society’s anachronistic moralities.

5. Archetypal

Pronounced as /ˌɑːkɪˈtʌɪp(ə)l/

Meaning – quintessential of a specific kind

Example – He is the country’s archetypal doctor.

6. Ascetic

Pronounced as /əˈsɛtɪk/

Meaning – A person who practices self-denial as a part of spiritual discipline

Example – She recently adopted an ascetic life of fasting, prayer, and manual labour after watching some influential sessions.

7. Beguile

Pronounced as /bɪˈɡʌɪl/

Meaning – Influencing someone in a deceptive manner

Example – He succeeds to beguile the voters with his charming personality along with the good agendas.

8. Blandishment

Pronounced as /ˈblandɪʃm(ə)nt/

Meaning – Intentional flattery for persuasion

Example – He does not seem any stranger to blandishments.

9. Cajole

Pronounced as /kəˈdʒəʊl/

Meaning – Persuade by flattery or coaxing

Example – He hoped that he might succeed to cajole her into giving up her book.

10. Callous


Pronounced as (/ˈkaləs/

Meaning – Cruel disregard for others

Example – His callous statements can scare anyone off and made them shiver.

11. Camaraderie

Pronounced as /kaməˈrɑːd(ə)ri/

Meaning – A sense of solidarity that arises out of sociability and familiarity

Example – All my friends admire the camaraderie of military life.

12. Circumlocution

Pronounced as /ˌsəːkəmləˈkjuːʃ(ə)n/

Meaning – Unnecessary usage of more words to express something

Example – The politicians deliberately use circumlocution for influencing the public to vote for them.

13. Clamor

Pronounced as /ˈklamə/

Meaning – Proclaiming something noisily

Example – The questions turned to a clamour in the parliament meeting.

14. Cognizant

Pronounced as /ˈkɒ(ɡ)nɪz(ə)nt/

Meaning – Awareness or realization

Example – One must be cognizant of the legal boundaries while taking any action or starting any business.

15. Construe

Pronounced as /kənˈstruː/

Meaning – Interpreting or assigning a meaning

Example – None of his words ever construes like an apology, even if he tries harder.

16. Convivial

Pronounced as /kənˈvɪvɪəl/

Meaning – An enjoyable atmosphere or a jovial company

Example – The party that I attended last night turned out to be a convivial one; thus, I had a perfect time.

17. Demagogue

Pronounced as /ˈdɛməɡɒɡ/

Meaning – A political leader who makes use of rhetoric to appeal to the desires of the citizens

Example – The current PM is a demagogue who always succeeds in manipulating the press.

18. Denigrate

Pronounced as /ˈdɛnɪɡreɪt/

Meaning – Criticize someone unfairly

Example – Several people denigrate their nation due to some petty issues.

19. Didactic

Pronounced as /dɪˈdaktɪk/

Meaning – Instructive with some moral intent

Example – Most of the novels exposing social injustice are highly didactic.

20. Disparate

Pronounced as /ˈdɪsp(ə)rət/

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Meaning – Belonging to a distinct kind

Example – My phone storage has a disparate list of songs from various singers and producers.

21. Eclectic

Pronounced as /ɪˈklɛktɪk/

Meaning – Deriving the best ideas and styles from diverse sources

Example – The museum had an eclectic collection of antiques and ancient scriptures; thus, visiting it is highly fascinating.

22. Egregious

Pronounced as /ɪˈɡriːdʒəs/

Meaning – Shocking or outrageously bad

Example – Any statesman showing such behavior is an egregious act.

23. Embezzlement

Pronounced as /ɛmˈbɛzlm(ə)nt/

Meaning – misappropriation of funds

Example – The Company’s previous finance head got fired after being charged for fraud and embezzlement.

24. Enervate

Pronounced as /ˈɛnəveɪt/

Meaning – Lacking in vitality or morally drained

Example – Due to the hot sunny day, she enervated and fainted.

25. Ephemeral

Pronounced as /ɪˈfɛm(ə)r(ə)l/

Meaning – Lasting for a short period

Example – This is an ephemeral plant that brings immense beauty to the surrounding.

List of 50 Difficult Words with Meanings, Synonyms and Pronounciation | Most Difficult Words in English (1)

26. Equanimity

Pronounced as /ˌɛkwəˈnɪmɪti/

Meaning – Maintaining composure when stressful

Example – He was highly admired due to gentler behavior with sufficient equanimity.

27. Fatuous

Pronounced as /ˈfatjʊəs/

Meaning – Lacking intelligence or silly

Example – Her actions seem fatuous many times.

28. Gratuitous

Pronounced as /ɡrəˈtjuːɪtəs/

Meaning – Uncalled for or unwarranted

Example – A 24 –year-old working woman reported gratuitous violence in the office.

29. Iconoclast

Pronounced as /ʌɪˈkɒnəklast/

Meaning – Someone who criticizes or attacks cherished ideas and beliefs of people

Example – He broke into the church with an iconoclast mob and planted reformation in the city.

30. Idiosyncratic

Pronounced as /ˌɪdɪə(ʊ)sɪŋˈkratɪk/

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Meaning – Something peculiar to an individual

Example – Tesla’s new car model seems idiosyncratic to the older ones.

31. Incumbent

Pronounced as /ɪnˈkʌmb(ə)nt/

Meaning – Someone who holds a position

Example – To run the congress, one must beat the incumbent first.

32. Inveterate

Pronounced as /ɪnˈvɛt(ə)rət/

Meaning – Habitual

Example – She is an inveterate gossip lover.

33. Libertarian

Pronounced as /ˌlɪbəˈtɛːrɪən/

Meaning – someone who advocates civil liberty

Example – A libertarian seeks to ensure political freedom and maximize it for various benefits.

34. Licentious

Pronounced as /lʌɪˈsɛnʃəs/

Meaning – Someone who is promiscuous

Example – He was a mean ruler who exhibited licentious behaviour.

35. Mendacious

Pronounced as /mɛnˈdeɪʃəs/

Meaning – Deceitful

Example – Instead of giving many mendacious stories, one must try to be honest for once.

36. Multifarious

Pronounced as /ˌmʌltɪˈfɛːrɪəs/

Meaning – Multifaceted or diverse

Example – This is a fantastic university with multifarious study and learning options.

37. Obdurate

Pronounced as /ˈɒbdjʊrət/

Meaning – Being stubborn and refusing to change the opinion

Example – We argued for an hour, but he was obdurate in his belief.

38. Ostracism

Pronounced as /ˈɒstrəsɪz(ə)m/

Meaning – Excluding a person or some group from the society by majority consent

Example – After his shameful crime, his entire family suffered Ostracism from the village.

39. Pejorative

Pronounced as /pɪˈdʒɒrətɪv/

Meaning – Showing disapproval

Example – Most of his words were pejorative.

40. Pertinacious

Pronounced as /ˌpəːtɪˈneɪʃəs/

Meaning – Someone who is stubbornly unyielding

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Example – The pertinacious little girl kept trying to sell cookies to a toothless man.

41. Phlegmatic

Pronounced as /flɛɡˈmatɪk/

Meaning – Expressing little or no emotion

Example – In earlier days, many phlegmatic British members ruled over India.

42. Promulgate

Pronounced as /ˈprɒm(ə)lɡeɪt/

Meaning – Broadcast or announce

Example – This is an urgent notice thus is promulgated instantly all across the institute.

43. Quotidian

Pronounced as /kwɒˈtɪdɪən/

Meaning – Something that occurs daily

Example – For the owners of pet dogs, taking them to a walk becomes a quotidian event.

44. Recalcitrant

Pronounced as /rɪˈkalsɪtr(ə)nt/

Meaning – Resistant to authority

Example – A group of some recalcitrant fifteen-year-olds indulged in rash driving.

45. Sanctimonious

Pronounced as /ˌsaŋ(k)tɪˈməʊnɪəs/

Meaning – Exhibiting moral superiority

Example – Rubina is known to reflect a sanctimonious personality in the show.

46. Solipsism

Pronounced as /ˈsɒlɪpsɪz(ə)m/

Meaning – Quality of being selfish and self-centred

Example – In the modern era, society is full of people with a solipsism mentality.

47. Travesty

Pronounced as /ˈtravɪsti/

Meaning – Distorting facts or imitation

Example – Michael travestied his family in his plays for his selfish causes.

48. Ubiquitous

Pronounced as /juːˈbɪkwɪtəs/

Meaning – Omnipresent or existing everywhere

Example – God has a ubiquitous influence in the entire world.

49. Vicissitude

Pronounced as /vɪˈsɪsɪtjuːd/

Meaning – An unwelcome or unpleasant change in circumstances or fortune

Example – Even after having many vicissitudes in life, nothing could stop him from being the CEO of a prominent MNC and gaining success in life.

50. Vociferous

Pronounced as /və(ʊ)ˈsɪf(ə)rəs/

Meaning – Something or someone who is offensively/ conspicuously loud.

Example – He was known to be a vociferous opponent of the takeover.

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Importance of Learning 50 Difficult English Words

There are many difficult words in every language, especially in English, that are unknown to even many of the native speakers of the language. These words are troublesome and are very problematic in various instances. Thus, getting hold of such words becomes a difficult task and is significantly more difficult for the ones preparing for any competitive examination. As the students ease some more contemporary techniques for learning and understanding the difficult words with their meanings, and thus it gets easier for them to have a better vocabulary.

For all the people wishing to pursue an education in foreign universities or clearing some prominent entrance examinations, it is essential to fare well in the verbal ability section. For that, it is necessary to have a good grasp of vocabulary. The list of 50 difficult words with their meanings is beneficial for all the students as well as the adults.


We wish the data shed regarding the 50 Difficult Words with Meanings has enlightened you. If you have any queries feel free to reach us and we can get back to you with possible help. For more such topics of English Grammar do Bookmark our site to avail latest updates in no time.


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  • automagically adv. Automatically in a way that seems magical.
  • bargainous adj. Costing less than expected.
  • big media n. Primary mass communication sources, e.g., TV and the press.
  • bromance n. Close platonic male friendship.
  • buzzkill n. ...
  • carbon credit n. ...
  • carbon offsetting n. ...
  • catastrophize v.

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  • Worcestershire.
  • Mischievous.
  • Draught.
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  • Onomatopoeia.
  • Scissors.
  • Anemone.
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  • Colonel. ...
  • Nonplussed. ...
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  • Enormity.
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  • Phenomenon. ...
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  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. ...
  • Worcestershire.

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58 in words is Fifty-Eight.

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I , ice , idea , if , ill , important , impulse , in , increase , industry , ink , insect , instrument , insurance , interest , invention , iron , island . jelly , jewel , join , journey , judge , jump . keep , kettle , key , kick , kind , kiss , knee , knife , knot , knowledge .

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One three-letter word does much of the heavy lifting in the English language. The little word "run" — in its verb form alone — has 645 distinct meanings.

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  • Necessary.
  • Stationary vs. Stationery.
  • Separate.
  • Affect vs. Effect.
  • Embarrassed.
  • Compliment vs. Complement.
  • Accommodation.
  • Rhythm.
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What are 10 hard words to spell? ›

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  • Nauseous. “Nauseous” is a hard word to spell because of the number of vowels in the word and the pronunciation. ...
  • Dilate. “Dilate” might be easy to spell for some, but its pronunciation makes it more challenging. ...
  • Indict. ...
  • Liquefy. ...
  • Wednesday. ...
  • Sherbet​ ...
  • Bologna. ...
  • Ingenious.

What are the 30 new words? ›

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New Words to UseMeanings
Acquiesceaccept something reluctantly but without protest
Alignplace or arrange things in a straight line
Amendmake minor changes in a text in order to make it fairer
Annihilatedestroy utterly
24 more rows

What are 5 unfamiliar words? ›

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  • Anachronism. An anachronism is something (or someone) that is out of place in terms of time or chronology. ...
  • Accismus. A form of irony in which someone feigns indifference to something he or she desires. ...
  • Cacophony. ...
  • Draconian. ...
  • Limerence. ...
  • Pareidolia. ...
  • Riposte. ...
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Thus, 45 in words is written as Forty-five.

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floccinaucinihilipilification (29).


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